- Live 2010 à L'olympia

 01. In the Mood for Live (Live)
02. No Pity (Live)
03. Dragon Chasers (feat. Charlotte Savary) [Live]
04. To Dry Up (feat. Charlotte Savary) [Live]
05. Until Heaven Stops the Rain (feat. Mr Mattic) [Live]
06. Where My Heart's At (feat. Mr Mattic) [Live]
07. Hypnosis Theme (Live)
08. There Is Danger (Live)
09. The Games You Play (feat. Voice) [Live]
10. The Man With No Soul (feat. Charlotte Savary) [Live]
11. Fireflies (feat. Charlotte Savary & Mr Mattic) [Live]
12. Walk the Line / Level the Sound (feat. Mr Mattic) [Live]
13. Sit & Listen / The Tune (Live)

CD 2
01. Dry Your Eyes (feat. Charlotte Savary) [Live]
02. Go Without Me (feat. Charlotte Savary) [Live]
03. I Own You (feat. Charlie Winston) [Live]
04. House of Wax (feat. Mr Mattic) [Live]
05. B-Boy On Wax (feat. Mr Mattic) [Live]
06. Seize the Day (feat. Charlotte Savary) [Live]
07. Que Sera (Live)
08. Guaranteed (feat. A.S.M) [Live]
09. Say Yes (feat. A.S.M) [Live]
10. This Train (feat. Voice & Ali Harter) [Live]
11. Our Dance (feat. Charlotte Savary) [Live]
12. Positively Inclined (feat. A.S.M) [Live]
13. Leave It (feat. Dionne Charles & Mr Mattic) [Live] 

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